LETTER: Be part of a greener future

By READER | 03/05/2017

LETTER: Be part of a greener future

IT is time to be completely honest and admit that, despite the football team’s name, as a town Rotherham is far from united.

Two distinct camps both claim ownership of its citizens in the form of Labour and UKIP. The only opposition to these warring factions is a singular Liberal seat that may as well be vacant on account the party that keeps it warm wouldn’t even be able to persuade a man dying of hunger to accept the offering of a meal, never mind be an effective opposition at any form of government.

There is only one solution to Rotherham’s problems and that is to start thinking outside the narrow box mainstream politics has forced us into and look towards the future. It is time to accept that we are not pawns to be used to further advance the careers of kings. It is time to rally behind the banner of the Green Party.

People are quick to dismiss the Green Party. “They are too small,” they say, “I was brought up Labour” others will declare, and “They don’t stand everywhere” others will point out. However although people are willing to say these things what they do not do is seek the answers:

The Green Party is England and Wales' fourth largest party in terms of membership. They have far more people in their ranks than UKIP can ever dream of.

Yes you grew up in a household that didn’t vote Green, this is hardly surprising given that the Green Party was founded in 1990. Also, your parents and their parents before them lived in a completely different time with its own problems and the problems that linger only do so because the established parties have done nothing to tackle them.

To say “I can’t vote against Labour because my parents voted Labour” is to go against the very principles of democracy, your vote is yours not your ancestors, also Labour was founded in 1900 meaning that at some point a hundred per cent of their voters grew up in homes that had never voted for them. It is 2017 not 1974 and mainstream politicians have not moved on with the times.

As for the reason the Green Party is unable to stand everywhere, of course not. Unlike Labour, the Conservatives, UKIP and the LibDems the Green Party is not funded by big businesses with bank accounts in tax havens across the globe. Instead the Green Party is funded by its members and grass roots fundraising. Unlike the other parties the Greens are not under the thumbs of the bankers but instead are in the hands of the people, for the people.

Be part of the future not the past.

Tom Hill, Rotherham Green Party Equalities Officer


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