LETTER: Attacks should not be glorified

By READER | 09/06/2017

LETTER: Attacks should not be glorified

SOME inept politicians from all parties and sadly many different factions of the press embarrass themselves with their insensitive public display to prove they have best coverage, the best interviews, and the best answers to questions such as. How did you feel during the attack? What did you think about knowing you could die? Did you see a lot of blood? It is repugnant reporting at its worst and it aptly demonstrates why those politicians who pander to it should not hold office of any kind including ours in Rotherham.

It is innocent members of the public who are being slaughtered. Our own people on our own street along with those that are here on holiday as our guests. It is grotesque that some in political power and some in the media want to focus not on the reality of the slaughter waged upon the public but the best point scoring story hour by macabre hour.

The facts are; Britain is one of the most welcoming multicultural nations on earth.  May be a legacy of the Empire or may be a legacy that we ourselves have so much foreign DNA in our veins from the Romans, Normans and Saxons to name but a few. Britain is a safe haven. Is this why they attack us? Britain is a place where you can be the person you want to be. Is this why they attack us? Britain is a place where freedom of expression is allowed. Is this why they attack us? The answer may be yes to all three but it is not a reason to glorify what they do through inappropriate political and press, best story scoring.

What we the public want is for the politicians and the media to stand up to these terrorists by supporting action to save our streets from these blood baths. To have an effective police, fire, ambulance, NHS, MI5 and MI6 force well equipped and funded from the billions we already pay in taxes rather that that money paying to fund more resources for millions of migrants and immigrants who have come here over the last 25 years. Those that have absolutely no intention of integrating with our culture or respecting our way of life, our freedoms and what we want for our country and our children should be denied the privilege to stay with us when all they want to do is cause disruption, disharmony and dismantling our great British way of life.

Enough is enough as Theresa May said and it is time for everyone who has made Britain their permanent home whether they are indigenous or not to stand up, be vocal and vote people into power that can deliver what the public who put them there want and not what their self-inflated party ego thinks we should be given just because we like that party political label.

Neil Fulcher, ex-councillor, Bramley

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