Letter: A reminder to make the right decision

By READER: Stephen Fodor | 14/06/2016 0 comments

Letter: A reminder to make the right decision

BY any stretch of the imagination the EU referendum result will affect our lives for donkeys’ years to come. Is this a time to be careless, cool and casual about the stark choices we’ve been finally given?

The Common Market the UK joined in the 1970s is NOT what we are ball chained to right now.

Here’s a reminder of what we are locked into:

A monster of an organisation that:

Dictates most of the laws and our elected Parliament is a weak puppet with no sovereignty, forces the UK to hand over hundreds of millions per week to Brussels, who controls what refund if any we get back, and this charge will keep increasing.

Ask if it’s our money then we must decide what we need to spend it on not faceless bureaucrats, ask why is the UK forced to pay the second highest EU charge after Germany? Ask why the EU blocks the UK throwing out hate preachers and  suspected terrorists/criminals costing millions to house them their numerous wives and children...due to the crazy Human Rights laws dictated by EU courts which we can’t challenge.

Ask why the EU forces the UK to take nearly 200,000 EU immigrants, most of which will not work and are a massive strain on our local housing, our jobs, the NHS, our local schools, with language/cultural  problems. Eastwood is proof to us what messy social problems we are having to take on.

Ask why our fishermen are not allowed to fish freely, ask why our farmers are told what to grow, and why doesn’t the EU help to rescue Tata steel in Rotherham?

Ask why if  we are supposed to be safer in the EU how they appear useless to stop terrorists destroying people’s lives?

Ask why EU countries like Greece and Italy are bankrupt costing you millions to  prop them up.

Ask if  the EU is so good then why is the Euro so fragile, and why is unemployment much higher than the UK.

Ask why is business good here? Is it  because we have EU magic stardust or that we make and deliver quality goods?

Finally, ask, do you really  believe by taking back control your country cannot prosper in the world and stand on its own hind legs, the EU is faltering and making dangerous social immigrant decisions like open borders that’s simply dangerous.

Hopefully this checklist is a reminder to help make the right decision in our lifetime...happy voting.

Stephen Fodor, Ravenfield



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