'Let's help our own' message behind new United Rotherham ticketing initiative

'Let's help our own' message behind new United Rotherham ticketing initiative

By David Beddows | 16/06/2020

'Let's help our own' message behind new United Rotherham ticketing initiative

ROTHERHAM United are giving supporters the opportunity to waiver refunds on their uncompleted individual match and season tickets to help needy  fellow fans and residents of the town.

The "United Rotherham" initiative, launched after the curtailment of the 2019/20 season, offers the chance to ease the cash burden on the club brought about the Covid-19 pandemic and to support those in need by donating refunds to the project.
Fans in possession of hospitality and corporation packages have the same option.

Initial reaction to the scheme from fans on social media has been positive.

In an open letter to supporters, chairman Tony Stewart said: "Historically, the club has had a history of facing troubling, precarious positions and every single time has not only survived to tell the tale but has come back stronger - together we can do the same again.

"I am not an owner who is sat on the other side of the world, I am in amongst everyone, I live here, my family live here, my lighting business is here, I go shopping here, I employ lots of people who live here — Rotherham is in my blood and I cannot tell you how passionate I am to try and ensure that we come together and look to help each other get back on our feet after the devastation that Covid-19 has dealt us."

Supporters also have the option to roll over and keep the value of their tickets in a "Millers Wallet" account for the equivalent value on home fixture ticking for next season's Championship campaign, or take a full refund on a pro rata value.

The chairman writes: "We are Rotherham United. But now it is time for a 'United Rotherham' - there is no more appropriate name for a project that we have created as an alternative to ticketing refunds.

"This project is one which we hope will not only help to ensure the club's long-term future but also provide a solid platform for us all to collectively deliver inclusive opportunities for the people of Rotherham and will enable some wonderful things to happen for the good of our fellow Millers and local key workers during these unprecedented times.

"In waiving the return of these funds you will not only be retaining finances within the club which will help to us to overcome the shortfall of the last few months, but you will also - and more importantly - be helping fellow Millers who have been hit hard both financially and emotionally by the Covid-19 outbreak.

"The funds raised by the 'United Rotherham' project will be utilised for those individuals and families who have followed the Millers for many years, but as a result of the impact that the virus has had on the incomes of many households, may no longer be in a position to attend fixtures at the AESSEAL New York Stadium.

"We will be reinvesting these funds into match tickets so that effected supporters can continue to watch our team in action, which without your support may no longer be possible for them.

"In addition to looking out for fellow Millers supporters, we will also be using the funds to extend the same offer of tickets and hospitality to worthwhile causes in the area, including the NHS and key workers, who have worked so tirelessly on the front line throughout this pandemic.

"We have witnessed so much kindness since the COVID-19 outbreak, this scheme will be another fantastic embodiment of the togetherness which now runs right through the club and town."

Supporters have until Friday, July 31 to submit their preferred option and the club is again freezing prices for existing season ticket holders who commit to 2020/21 passes within the opening renewal period.

More on the official club website.

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