Leader reveals new-look council Cabinet

Leader reveals new-look council Cabinet

By Gareth Dennison | 12/09/2014 1 comments

Leader reveals new-look council Cabinet

COUNCIL leader Paul Lakin has chosen his new slimline Cabinet — with four of the old guard losing out.

Cllrs Gerald Smith, Ken Wyatt, Rose McNeely and Amy Rushforth have lost their places to make way for two new faces.

Cllr Christine Beaumont will be in charge of children and education services, while Cllr Maggie Godfrey takes over neighbourhoods.

Adult social care remains under Cllr John Doyle, who has seen health added to his portfolio. Cllr Dominic Beck retains his responsibility for business growth and regeneration. 

Cllr Mahroof Hussain moves from communities and cohesion to the environment.

Cllr Lakin was confirmed as leader on Wednesday, with Cllr Emma Hoddinott as deputy.

Reducing the Cabinet by two posts — and scrapping councillors’ foreign visits — will fund a £120,000 pot for victims of child sexual exploitation.

  • I'm not sure the solution to saving money to fund an unexpected cost is to increase the workload on a dialler number of Cabinet members. Better to broaden the structure and delayer the officer set-up. Scrapping foreign visits on the other hand is probably overdue - what on earth can have been the justification of these?

    CllrDanFilsonofBrent. Tue 16 Sep 09:04:21.

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