Labour clean sweep of Rotherham seats in general election

Labour clean sweep of Rotherham seats in general election

By Admin | 09/06/2017

Labour clean sweep of Rotherham seats in general election

ROTHERHAM'S three MPs held their seats in the general election, to cheers and applause from noisy supporters.

Sarah Champion was re-elected for Rotherham, Sir Kevin Barron for Rother Valley and John Healey for Wentworth and Dearne.

Mr Healey and Ms Champion increased their majorities but Sir Kevin's was almost halved.

Thanking his supporters, Mr Healey said: "Each election is a reaffirmation of the fact that I work for you, I serve as you allow and I will continue speaking up for our area in parliament -  campaigning to change things for the better and supporting people who need help."

In a passionate speech, Ms Champion said: "We have people sleeping rough in the centre of our town, we have food banks and a community turning in on itself and hate crime going through the roof because of the pressure they are being put underby the policies of the Tories have made. It enrages me."

Mr Barron also thanked his voters, adding: "I can't quite get my head around what's happening nationally."

UKIP's vote fell apart in the Rother Valley, with almost 10,000 voters going elsewhere.
The Tory vote surged from ‚Äč10,945 to 19,939 for newcomer Bethan Eddy, while UKIP fell from 13,204 for Allen Cowles to 3,704 for Lee Hunter this time around.

Tory Bethan Eddy said afterwards: "It's amazing. I never thought, to be honest, that we'd be able to get nearly 20,000 votes in Rother Valley."

Asked if the seat could be snatched from Labour in the future, she added: "In politics today, anything is achievable."



James Bellis (Con) 10,017

Mick Bower (Yorkshire) 1,432

Adam Carter (Lib Dem) 1,754

Sarah Champion (Labour) 21,404

Allen Cowles (UKIP) 3,316

Majority 11,387

Turnout 60.7 per cent

Rother Valley

Sir Kevin Barron (Labour) 23,821               

Bethan Eddy (Conservative) 19,939

Lee Hunter (UKIP) 3,704                  

Paul Martin (Green)  869

Katie Pruszynski (Liberal Democrat) 1,155

Majority 3,882

Turnout 65.9 per cent

Wentworth and Dearne

John Healey (Lab) 28,547

Steven Jackson (Con) 13,744

Janice Middleton (Lib Dem) 1,656

Majority: 14,803

Turnout 59.06 per cent

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