Knife attack thug jailed for stabbing man in back

Knife attack thug jailed for stabbing man in back

By Michael Upton | 19/05/2022

Knife attack thug jailed for stabbing man in back


A THUG who chased a terrified man out of his home and across a field before stabbing him the back has been jailed for two years.

Brooklyn Brookes was one of four men who went to a house across the road from a police station in order to settle a dispute with the victim.

Brookes, of Cooperative Street, Goldthorpe, was sentenced at Leeds Crown Court on Friday for wounding, burglary and possession of a bladed article in connection with the raid.

The 21-year-old, who was chastised by the judge for yawning throughout the hearing, was said to have told police after the stabbing: “That’s what happens when you try to rob me.”

Brookes’ sentencing had been delayed for a psychological report and pre-sentence report to be prepared and Recorder Taryn Turner noted Brookes had failed to engage properly with the report author.

The three other men involved in the incident in Kendray, two of whom are also from Goldthorpe and include Brookes’ brother Leon, were each sentenced to 20 months in March.

An earlier hearing at Sheffield Crown Court was told how Brookes and the other men had pulled up outside a house across from Kendray Police Station and approached the front door.

One of them had smashed a window before some went inside the house.

After trying to hold the living room door closed, the victim and his friend escaped through a rear window before being chased across gardens and a nearby field.

The court heard when Brookes had caught up with the victim, he had stabbed him in the back, causing an injury which needed hospital treatment and reportedly left the victim “extremely unnerved and traumatised”.

Recorder Turner told Brookes, when the delay in his being sentence was raised: “You chose to be out and about offending in May 2020, during the height of the pandemic seemingly without care.

“Your representatives could have approached the prosecution with a way of resolving matters if you felt so inclined.

“You are to be sentenced for wounding, burglary and possession of a bladed article — a flick knife or lock knife which you used on the victim when you stabbed and injured him in the back as he tried to run away.”

The judge related how as the group approached the victim’s house, one of the men was heard to say: “I’m going to get my ******* money”.

After chasing the men out of the house, Brookes had shouted: ‘Here he is’ and stabbed the victim with the lock knife, the court heard.

Recorder Turner told Brookes: “You were arrested and told the police: ‘That is what happens when you try to rob me — I brought my family’, clearly demonstrating an enthusiasm and determination to seek this man out.”

Various items were stolen during the incident, the judge said, and Brookes admitted burglary.

The judge added: “When you were interviewed by the police, you accepted going there as a result of a dispute.

“You said you had no intention of harming him or stealing anything and denied having a knife but you have admitted these offences.”

The judge said Brookes, a dad of three, had suffered a “somewhat chaotic and unstable upbringing” and the “tragic loss” of his father.

He had been diagnosed with ADHD in 2015 and suffered from a mild depressive disorder but was not receiving treatment, she added.

Brookes had beaten a cocaine habit but still used cannabis, the judge noted, adding that he had been “not the most willing participant for interview” by probation officers.

Brookes was sentenced to two years for wounding plus 12 months to run concurrent for possession of a bladed article and 20 months, also concurrent, for burglary in which the judge said he had played a “lead role” .

Aidan Battersby (22), of Kathleen Grove, Goldthorpe, earlier admitted burglary in connection with the attack, while Leon Brookes (22), of Cooperative Road, Goldthorpe, admitted  affray and possessing an offensive weapon after a sword was found in his car, and Mateusz Trojnacki (21), of Probert Avenue, Barnsley, admitted affray.