Killer driver severs baby’s toe on motorbike

Killer driver severs baby’s toe on motorbike

By David Parker | 19/08/2021

Killer driver severs baby’s toe on motorbike


A BANNED motorist who served time for killing a mum of two in a car crash severed his baby daughter’s toe in a motorbike accident — but avoided a second jail term.

Deryon King (26), of Wesley Avenue, Aston, had put his eight-month old girl on a mini-motorbike he was riding when her foot got caught in the bike chain, chopping her big toe in half.

He was given an 18-month jail term, suspended for two years, at Sheffield Crown Court on Monday despite his previous conviction for killing Rawmarsh mum Megan Borrows by driving carelessly.

King was locked up in September 2019 for killing Ms Borrows (24), who had been a passenger in his car when he crashed into two parked vehicles on Kimberworth Road on June 8, 2017.

King, who fled the scene when he realised the crash was serious, received a 16-month sentence for the offence — but was out of jail less than ten months later.

He had also been banned from driving for five years and eight months — a ban which does not expire until 2025 and was in force when he rode the mini-motorbike.

Mr Gordon Stables, prosecuting, said King had driven the bike into a field near his girlfriend’s home.

“At that field he took his daughter, sat her on the motorbike between his legs, on the front of the seat, and then rode the mini-motorbike with her on it,” he said.

“She was wearing what’s referred to as a baby grow — an all-in-one piece of clothing — and the leg of that clothing, on the left-hand side, was caught in the chain of the motorbike and dragged into it, causing an injury to her left foot.”

Part of the girl’s big toe and the tips of some other toes had to be amputated, said Mr Stables.

He said the injury would not affect her ability to walk and would be a cosmetic disability.

King admitted to police that he had put his daughter on the motorbike after being arrested in July last year.

He admitted an offence of causing serious injury by dangerous driving at the crown court after asking the judge what sentence he was likely to get.

Mr Dermot Hughes, King’s barrister, did not offer any mitigation after Recorder Anthony Hawks indicated the defendant would receive a suspended sentence.

Mr Hawks said he had just been persuaded to suspend the sentence after hearing that social services had assessed King as safe to live with his girlfriend and daughter.

He said King had injured his daughter through his own stupidity — pointing out she had been injured when the defendant had travelled “a matter of yards”.

“Fortunately for you, but more fortunately for that little baby, the injuries have healed to the extent that she will not suffer any lasting injury,” he added.

“She will be conscious for the rest of her life of the cosmetic effect of these injuries.

“I don’t know what you thought you were doing.”

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