Jail for violent man who tried to leave partner in London

Jail for violent man who tried to leave partner in London

By David Parker | 01/04/2021

Jail for violent man who tried to leave partner in London


AN ABUSIVE man who was repeatedly violent towards his partner and tried to abandon her in central London has been jailed.

Darren Willey (42), of Lathe Road, Whiston, was locked up for two years at Sheffield Crown Court last Wednesday (24) after controlling his partner between November 2019 and October 2020.

Mr Martin Robertshaw, prosecuting, said Willey had been in an on-off relationship with the woman  for about 18 months.

“At first he was charming, but soon began to display another side to his character,” said Mr Robertshaw.

Willey poured a can of lager over the woman and questioned why she had been speaking to one of her friends.

The incident caused the woman to become more isolated from her friends and family, said Mr Robertshaw.

He began deleting contacts from his partner’s phone and blocking male contacts on social media.

He then poured a tub of hair gel and the contents of an ash tray over her, saying she had been tarred and feathered, said Mr Robertshaw.

The woman said the incident had made her feel worthless.

She said she would have arguments with Willey at least four times a day.

The woman later told a friend that Willey was physically abusing her at least once a week, Mr Robertshaw said.

Willey threw a glass at her which damaged the tendons in her wrist and  needed emergency treatment at hospital.

On another occasion he tried to abandon her in central London when she had no phone or money and no way of getting home.

In October, Willey pushed a friend of his partner’s onto a sofa following an argument with his partner in which she had tried to intervene.

“The complainant concluded her interview [with police] by saying she still has feelings for the defendant but she was constantly scared, having to walk on eggshells, and thought eventually he would kill her or she would get in trouble for killing him,” said Mr Robertshaw.

Willey initially denied offences of controlling and coercive behaviour, wounding with intent, and assault by beating and had been due to stand trial next Tuesday (6).

He pleaded guilty to controlling and coercive behaviour and assault at a hearing in February and his not guilty plea to wounding with intent was accepted by the prosecution.

Mitigating, Mr Richard Barradell said Willey was a skilled railway worker who had recently admitted he had a problem with alcohol.

“He’s found himself in a difficult relationship with a lot of issues,” she said.

“Once they went into lockdown everything got worse.”

Recorder David Kelly jailed Willey for two years and banned him from contacting his ex-partner for five years.

“I’m not satisfied you show any great remorse,” he said.

“Only an immediate custodial sentence is appropriate.”