Hunt for road rage motorist who "went ballastic" and smashed female driver's windscreen

Hunt for road rage motorist who "went ballastic" and smashed female driver's windscreen

By Chris Brayford | 18/05/2022

Hunt for road rage motorist who 'went ballastic' and smashed female driver's windscreen


POLICE are investigating after a man “went ballastic” at a female motorist and jumped on her windscreen in a shocking road rage attack.

The victim, a woman in her 30s, was driving her Vauxhall Antara down Wickersley Road on Sunday when a man is reported to have tailgated her vehicle.

According to police, the female driver then pulled her car over before the man stopped and got out of his SUV, before he reportedly climbed onto her bonnet and started to jump on the windscreen until it cracked.

Before the man left the scene, he allegedly confronted the victim and assaulted her.

The woman is believed to have had her teenage daughter in the car with her.

Eyewitness Phil Duffy (31) said he could not believe what had happened, adding: “I was driving along Wickersley Road when I remember seeing a man tailgating a Vauxhall for a while.

“The man was driving a burgundy SUV vehicle.

“He was white, with a bald head, and was wearing an orange hi-vis jacket.

“I remember he came to a stop by the driver’s side of the vehicle and went ballistic.

“He jumped on the bonnet and stamped on her windscreen, which caused it to break.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

Mr Duffy said: “I just don’t understand why he did it,

“The victim was clearly in shock, which is understandable, and had her teenage daughter in the car who looked so frightened.

“She could have been pregnant and assaulting her is unthinkable.”

Police said they were aware of the incident and had launched an investigation.

A spokesperson said: “It is reported that a woman in her 30s was driving from the Stag Roundabout down Wickersley Road when another vehicle began to tailgate her.

“She pulled over and the driver of the second vehicle exited his vehicle.

“It is reported the man caused damage to her car by jumping on the windscreen, smashing it.

“When confronted by the victim, he assaulted her, before fleeing the scene.

“An investigation has been launched and anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting incident number 654 of May 14.”