Have more respect for where you live, says litter picker Rebecca

Have more respect for where you live, says litter picker Rebecca

By Michael Upton | 08/04/2021

Have more respect for where you live, says litter picker Rebecca


A LITTER picker waging a one-woman war on waste has called on people dumping rubbish to have more respect for where they live.

Rebecca Rodgers-Moore has cleared the stretch of Brecks Lane between Dalton and Brecks by herself over the past fortnight, filling 67 bags with litter in the process.

Rebecca, of Hounsfield Road, East, said she was a long-time litter picker who had become frustrated by the constant presence of rubbish at the roadside.

“After the kids went back to school, I decided to blitz the entire rural part of the lane, single-handedly,” she said.

“I must be mad, but if you want something doing sometimes you just need to get on with it and do it.

“It absolutely sickens me why people litter, it makes our areas look unsightly and uncared-for.

“I can't understand why people don't just take their rubbish home and put it in the bin.

“I think it gets forgotten about because it is the rural part of the lane.

“It is mainly cups and bottles, which is frustrating because they can be recycled.”

The litter-picking drive hasn’t been a painless process, as Rebecca has picked up thorns and nettle stings along the way, and braved torrential rain at times.

But she said: “It's been lovely actually how so many people such as local people and cars passing through have stopped and gave me credit and gratitude for clearing the lane.

“It looks so much cleaner and better now and people showing their appreciation has certainly made me feel proud of myself for doing this voluntarily.

“I'm hoping the litter culprits may see how clean it looks and have a bit more respect for Brecks Lane and think twice about dropping their litter in the future by just putting their rubbish in a bin, but I'm not holding my breath on that!”

Rebecca said that, in the long run, she would like to see CCTV cameras on Brecks Lane to tackle the litter problem.

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