Hapless Bentley thief jailed

Hapless Bentley thief jailed

By Michael Upton | 21/01/2021

Hapless Bentley thief jailed


A THIEF drove off in a £40,000 Bentley after finding the luxury motor unlocked in car park, a court heard.

Kevin Doherty (44) was so amazed by his luck that he forgot to pick up his belongings including his half empty can of beer as he roared away.

His DNA was found on the can — but hapless Doherty, of Avondale Road, Rotherham, claims he did not make a penny because thieves stole the Bentley Continental saloon from him before he managed to sell it.

A magistrate added to Doherty’s misery by locking him up for 26 weeks after he was charged with burglary.

Mr David Burns, prosecuting, said Doherty and another man had been seen on CCTV entering the basement car park in Duchess of Bedford Walk, Kensington, on March 28 last year.

“He was initially seen on CCTV looking at various vehicles before getting into the Bentley and driving away,” said Mr Burns.

“He was identified by DNA left on a beer can in the car park.”


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The car has never been recovered and the owner later received £23,000 from his insurers, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard.

But Doherty told police: “I’m quite sad I don’t have my car anymore.”

Mr Ed Atkinson, mitigating, said: “The intention of Mr Doherty and his friend in entering this car park was to be looking for items to steal.

“But it wasn’t to find a car to take, but rather at unlocked cars from which there would be change, sunglasses, items like that.

“That in some way fits in with the fact that Mr Doherty left outside the car park his personal belongings, washing items and can of beer which was the source of the DNA.

“He's going to this car, peering in it and seen after that, to drive off.

“The car was actually stolen from them — there are people out there who buy such cars.

“He tells me that he didn’t get any money for it.

“One assumes it went into the hands of professional criminals.”

Mr Atkinson added that the thief, who admitted burglary, had recently became infected with coronavirus while held in Wandsworth Prison.


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