Grateful mum marks World Prematurity Day with sponsored walk

Grateful mum marks World Prematurity Day with sponsored walk

By Adele Forrest | 15/11/2019

Grateful mum marks World Prematurity Day with sponsored walk
Danielle with sons Aiden and Hunter

A MUM and her two sons — one of whom was born weighing just 2lb 13oz — will take part in a sponsored walk this weekend to mark World Prematurity Day.

Danielle Wills (27) has raised £460 for premature and sick baby charity Bliss ahead of Sunday’s event.

One in eight babies are born needing neonatal care in the UK every year.

She is fundraising to give back to Bliss after they helped her when son Aiden was born at just 27 weeks, weighing just 2lb 13oz.

Danielle said: “There’s nothing on earth that can prepare you for the reality of having a premature baby, it’s terrifying and overwhelming. 

“My first look at my baby boy was a photo the midwives took after they whisked him away in the incubator— it was heart-breaking seeing him so tiny and fragile, covered in wires with all these big machines by him, not being able to hold him. 

“He had jaundice and needed help breathing as his lungs hadn’t matured enough.”

Aiden spent six-weeks in neonatal care at Rotherham Hospital. 

He is now a happy and healthy six-year-old chatterbox who adores his 11-month old brother, Hunter.

Aiden is helping his mum to fundraise and has even donated his own pocket money for the babies who need help like he did. 

The thankful mum, who will be taking an hour-long walk around Manvers with her boys on Sunday, has also raised money for Bliss through selling her handmade jewellery via an auction, which businesses also donated to.

Danielle added: “Bliss not only lead life-changing research for the care of these vulnerable babies, but they are also there to support the parents and family with invaluable information and reassurance online and over the phone. 

“This charity is so close to our hearts and I hope we can make a difference by giving back to them.”

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