GENIUS! Amie (14) beats Albert Einstein's IQ score

By Gareth Dennison | 11/02/2011 0 comments

GENIUS! Amie (14) beats Albert Einstein's IQ score

A GIRL of 14 took a Mensa test to prove she was smarter than her dad—and achieved an IQ score higher than Einstein.

Bright spark Amie Thackeray is celebrating an outstanding rating of 162, which puts her in the top one per cent of the UK population.

And after plenty of friendly banter, it finally gives the young genius the last laugh over plumber dad Paul (42), who scored 132.

German scientist Albert Einstein ([pictured) is considered to have had an IQ of 160.

Wickersley School pupil Amie, who turned 15 a few days after the University of Sheffield exam, said: “I expected to do fairly well, but didn’t think I would do this well.

“They were mostly questions about logic and how your brain works. Once I got the hang of it, it went all right.

“It tests your brain’s ability to answer different things, so I think it does help if you’ve nurtured it a little bit.”

Year 10 student Amie said she enjoyed school and English was her favourite subject.
She added: “I also like maths because the questions always have a definite answer, you’re either right or wrong.

“My ambition is to be an RAF pilot. I remember seeing a display of Spitfires at a base once and being told that the pilot of one of the planes was a woman.

“But the best thing about the test was that I beat my dad!”
Amie’s mum Deborah (44) signed them both up for the two-and-a-half hour Mensa test after watching their boasting and baiting during TV quizzes.

Paul, of Morthern Road in Wickersley, was also allowed to join the high IQ society as his tally was inside the required top two per cent.

He said: “It was around Christmas time when me and Amie were having a few friendly arguments about who was cleverer, as you do.

“The last exam I did was when I was at comprehensive school. I was dreadiAlbert Einsteinng it before we went in, but actually really enjoyed it.

“There were seven or eight different elements and the examiner kept us notified of how much time we had left.

British Mensa chief executive John S

“I think there were about 170 questions in total. And the questions aren’t maths problems or who was king in 1541. It’s all different types of logical puzzles.”

Proud Paul said that they were both shocked to qualify after the test on January 29. He added: “When we’d be watching the Weakest Link or whatever, we would always have a bit of friendly banter.

“I’d say things like ‘I would have known that at your age, Amie.’ She always used to get the last word anyway, but now it’s definitive.”

tevenage said: “We are always delighted to welcome new members.

“From the results of the test it seems Amie and her father, Paul, show great potential, both demonstrating an IQ in the top two percent of the population.

“We aim to provide a positive environment for younger members such as Amie to develop.

“I’m sure there are many more potential Mensa members in the Rotherham area. Keep a look out for future test sessions in the region.”


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