Fundraiser launched to save poorly puss Sprout

Fundraiser launched to save poorly puss Sprout

By David Parker | 07/02/2020

Fundraiser launched to save poorly puss Sprout
Sarah Kaye and her cat, Sprout

A DISTRAUGHT cat owner whose beloved feline was left fighting for her life after being run over has launched an online fundraising appeal to cover her vet’s bills.

Sarah Kaye had to rush her cat Sprout to an emergency vet after the two-year-old was hit by a car on Reresby Crescent, Whiston, three weeks ago.

Sprout had suffered a severe head injury and a dislocated hip - but Sarah has had to launch an online fundraising appeal after her medical bills rose to more than £10,000.

After Sprout was run over, she had to spend three days at Springfield Vets in Moorgate.

Sarah said: “She was just lifeless and they didn’t have a neurologist so they couldn’t do anything with her other than give her medication and fluids.”

Staff at Springfield had to refer poor Sprout, who is named after Harry Potter character Prof Sprout, to a specialist hospital in Derby, Pride Vets, because her condition was not improving.

Sarah (35), who works as a planning manager, said she had insured her cat for up to £8,000 of medical bills.

But after her pet’s referral to Pride the cost of her care soon surpassed that amount.

Sarah launched an online fundraising appeal on Go Fund Me, which has so far raised more than £1,700, to fund the care.


The saddened pet owner said an MRI scan at Pride had shown that Sprout had suffered a bleed on the brain and, as a result, had left her blind - but the bleed had shrunk over the last two weeks thanks to her medication and she had regained some of her sight.

“She’s now moving her legs and she’s even meowed a few times,” said Sarah.

“With the care they’ve been giving her, she’s really good.”

Sarah said Sprout had also suffered a dislocated hip which needed to be fixed with another operation, and that operation could cost somewhere in the region of £1,000 to £2,500, taking the total bill to around £12,500.

Sarah said that while Sprout was now recuperating at home, she still needed to raise money to pay off her vet’s bills and was hoping to reach her target of £3,000.

Her appeal had attracted donations from as far afield as America and Australia and she has been “overwhelmed” by the reaction.

Sarah has also been supported by users of several Facebook groups including members of Cats Matter, a group which is campaigning for a change in the law on road collisions involving cats.

Sarah said the motorist who ran her cat over was spotted by a dog walker driving away - only stopping to check the condition of his car.

In the incident with Sprout, the motorist did not break the law because, unlike accidents involving dogs, there is no requirement for drivers to stop if they have run over a cat, a set-up Sarah wants to see changed.

Visit the fundraising page to make a donation towards Sprout’s recovery.