Fresh safety concerns raised on troubled estate

Fresh safety concerns raised on troubled estate

By Gareth Dennison | 20/09/2021

Fresh safety concerns raised on troubled estate


A RENEWED call has been made to impove an estate’s security — following long-running issues and a stabbing incident.

Residents have become frustrated at broken gates at Wharncliffe, near Rotherham town centre, and say fears have risen since a violent attack in July.

One concerned resident called for action from RMBC to make the estate feel safer and improve residents’ lives.

He said: “In 2013, I had 40 years worth of fishing tackle stolen from my place.

“Since then, we’ve been fighting for security, but the attitude has always been that they’re not going to mend these gates.

“We need more super-magnets on the gates. The slow closers have been broken for the last three-and-a-half years. So it means the gates are banging closed all the time.

“We hear it night and day. They shut that hard that it’s knocking brickwork out of the columns. From Friday night to early morning Sunday, the gate banged 178 times. Sunday night
it was 27 times. I counted because I just can’t sleep.”

The resident added: “The problems with the gates leads to more problems with drugs. People get in and just sit down in stairwells doing that.

“We have all been asking for the magnets which lock at the top, middle and bottom.

“The caretakers are doing the best they can. But they’re only getting a couple of hours here because they have to see to other council sites.

“It’s just been going on and on. It’s not good enough. It’s horrendous.

“It feels like the council officers visit with a clipboard, note everything down on the paper and then go away and just shred it.”

Paul Walsh, the council’s acting assistant director of housing, said: “We are aware of the concerns that have been raised and are determined to make the necessary improvements.

“Work has been undertaken to address the issues being raised, including repairs to lighting, drainage and provision of CCTV, with further works planned.

“The council is working with the police and other services to address the other issues being raised and to provide ongoing reassurance and support to residents.

“We are sorry that some residents’ lives are being affected by the unacceptable behaviour of a small number of people.

“Our housing officers continue to work closely with the police and other council services to support residents.”