Fired-up Stella a shining example for engineers of the future

Fired-up Stella a shining example for engineers of the future

By Finn Smith | 23/06/2022

Fired-up Stella a shining example for engineers of the future

AN ENERGY worker highlighted as innovator as part of the celebrations for International Women in Engineering Day (IWED) urged girls considering a career in the sector to "go for it".

Stella Matthews (pictured) was put forward by Northern Gas Network (NGN), who are urging more women to explore the career opportunities available in the energy sector.

As a HGN hydrogen development manager, Stella, of Wombwell, works on projects that focus on exploring the role of zero-carbon gas for heating domestic homes.
In an interview for IWED 2022, she said: “My advice to girls wanting to get involved in engineering is ‘go for it’ and say yes to every opportunity.

“It’s such an exciting time to be involved in our industry, shaping the future of energy.

“We definitely don’t shout enough about our achievements.

“Role models are really needed, so girls interested in a career in engineering, or in industry, can see them and aspire to get there too.

“The more visible we are, the better.”

Stella joined NGN six years ago as a document controller in the Major Projects team, having studied archaeology at university.

“I did a traineeship at the National Archives, which gave me a good grounding on process and sign-off,” she said.

“After a year at NGN, learning all about the gas industry, I secured a role within the H21 team as an admin assistant, working on projects demonstrating how hydrogen could be used to heat homes like natural gas is used today,” she explained.

“I led on some of the project customer communications elements, before becoming Assistant Project Manager and eventually Hydrogen Development Manager in 2020.

“My role involves speaking to different stakeholders, external and internal – industry, government, international companies and knowledge-sharing on hydrogen to look for ways we can collaborate.

“Every day is completely different.”

Stella is one of many women across the engineering world who have been presented as role models for this year’s IWED, which falls today.

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