Finders', keepers' . . . until it's claimed, say South Yorkshire police

Finders', keepers' . . . until it's claimed, say South Yorkshire police

By Richard Smith | 02/02/2012 1 comments

Finders', keepers' . . . until it's claimed, say South Yorkshire police

SOUTH Yorkshire Police are urging people who find lost property to hang on to it . . . until it is claimed.

The force is trying to save on the storage of lost property and has introduced a new system for dealing with it.

They want the finders of lost items to ring the new non-emergency hotline 101 to report their find and then hang onto the item.

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If the owner is not found or the item is not claimed within two weeks, they can keep it.

In certain circumstances, the police will decide to retain the item of found property, for instance if it is deemed to be an illegal or dangerous item and bank or credit card.

Other forces such as Devon and Cornwall and Sussex Police have adopted similar methods to deal with found property. 

Chief Supt Rob Odell, head of the criminal justice administration department said: "We are still interested in found property, but our message to the public is to hold onto the item and call 101 to report it. 

“Our new approach to dealing with found property will not only improve the service to the public but also save the force money, as the storage and disposal of found property can be costly.

“This also comes at a time when the police are facing budget reductions and we have to prioritise our money into frontline policing.”






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  • Same old same old. This system has been with us for decades with the exception of retaning the property for 2 weeks instead of 6. Stop the spin please.

    Robian. Fri 03 Feb 16:36:32.

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