Father-to-be’s suicide after depressive bouts

Father-to-be’s suicide after depressive bouts

By Chris Brayford | 01/07/2022

Father-to-be’s suicide after depressive bouts


A TEENAGER who died four days after trying to hang himself was an expectant father, an inquest heard.

Deniz Erkal (18) attempted commit suicide at his home in Haldane Road, Eastwood, at 4.50am on January 8 this year.

Doncaster Coroner’s Court heard he was taken to hospital after being found by his heavily pregnant teenage partner, who cannot be named for legal reasons, but died four days later, having suffered severe brain damage.

The court heard Deniz was unemployed, a social smoker, had no issues with alcohol, and smoked cannabis.

His partner had been playing video games before she went upstairs, found him and called 999, before giving him CPR.

The inquest heard last Tuesday that paramedics managed to “find” a heartbeat and took Deniz to hospital, where scans showed he had suffered brain damage due to a lack of oxygen — he died on Wednesday, January 12.

A toxicology report conducted on January 17 found traces of cannabis in his blood but this was found not to be a “determining” factor in his death.

His partner told the court how Deniz had been “nervous” but “excited” at the same time on becoming a dad and would “regularly” talk about names for the baby.

But she recalled how he could go from periods of being “happy” to “crying” and how he “felt low and sad” on the night he attempted to take his life.

Deniz had previously had “suicidal thoughts” before he died and would “self harm”, she said.

Ali Erkal, Deniz’s brother, also gave testimony in the court, confirming his brother had suffered with a history of mental health problems — including “self harming”.

He said: “Deniz suffered from anxiety and depression but he would never share his feelings.

“He would often say that he had borderline personality disorder by looking up symptoms on the internet.

“I was aware he was not happy with life. Nothing made him happy and I did not understand why.

“As a family, we thought that Deniz becoming a father would change his life. He told us he was excited to become a father.”

Ali Erkal told the court how Deniz “tried to hurt himself” during several incidents in the past, which involved placing a gun in his mouth while on a holiday in Turkey.

He also “pleaded” for Deniz to see a “specialist” but said that his brother “never spoke to anyone” about his thoughts and feelings.

But witness testimony from the teenager’s brother and partner stated how there had been “no warning sign” regarding intent from Deniz that he was going to take his own life that day — despite his low mood.

The Assistant Doncaster Coroner, Matthew Stanbury, recorded a conclusion that Deniz had taken his own life but he “could not determine Deniz’s intent”.

The cause of death was given as suicide.