Explosion fear after gas pipe attacked by youths

Explosion fear after gas pipe attacked by youths

By Chris Brayford | 04/06/2022

Explosion fear after gas pipe attacked by youths


VANDALS attacking a gas pipe bent it so far it left residents fearing it could have caused “unimaginable damage” and a “massive explosion”.

CCTV footage shares online shows five offenders walking away from the scene at Melton High Street, Wath.

Gas engineers were called out to the scene later on in the day to deal with the pipe, which had been reported by nearby resident Joe Callaghan.

“I first reported the incident to the gas board after finding the pipe bent at 9am on the day it happened,” Joe said.

“The gas board came out within half hour did gas tests and found out the gas pipe was live.

“The engineer was surprised at the damage, saying if the gas pipe had been ruptured it could have caused a massive explosion.

“It was treated as an emergency incident and two gas vans attended within 20 minutes.

“They sealed off the area had to cap the pipe and cut it back.

“One of the engineers said it was a miracle no-one had been killed and it was them that advised me to report to police.”

A spokesperson for Cadent, which manages the gas network, said: “As the gas emergency service, we were called to reports of a damaged service pipe outside a property on Melton High Street on Sunday, May 22.

“Our engineers responded quickly and took action to help keep everyone safe.

“If you ever smell gas inside the home or outside, call the national gas emergency service on 0800 111 999 immediately, any time day or night.”

Joe managed to get hold of CCTV showing the suspected culprits.

“Two of them stopped at the corner of the building.

“From the footage it looks like one of the youths was filming the incident while the other one was pulling the pipe off the wall.
“It’s just foolish because they could have injured not only themselves, but the people who live on this street.

“They need to grow up and realise how much of an impact their actions could have had.”

Police said they were continuing with their enquiries, including viewing CCTV footage, to “identify those responsible”.

A spokesperson said: “Anybody with information should contact the police on 101 quoting incident number 1196 of May 22.”