Drug dealer told "You're playing with fire" as he just avoids jail

Drug dealer told "You're playing with fire" as he just avoids jail

By Michael Upton | 20/06/2022

Drug dealer told 'You're playing with fire' as he just avoids jail


A LONG-term drug user found with up to £1,360-worth of cannabis was warned he was “playing with fire” as he was handed a suspended prison sentence.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Bradley Houghton (26) had been using the drug since he was 11 and already had two previous convictions for possession when police arrested him last June on an unrelated matter, searched his home in Flanderwell and found evidence of drug dealing.

Scales, labels and 140g cannabis — valued at between £800 and £1,360 — were found, as well as £800 in cash.

Houghton, now of Locksley Drive, Thurcroft, was stopped and searched by police in an alleyway last October — while under investigation for the June offences — and found to have cannabis on him.

Recorder Anthony Hawks told Houghton's barrister, Mr Peter Byrne: “It does not seem that he has learned his lesson.

Mr Byrne replied that Houghton — who admitted possession with intent to supply cannabis and possession of cocaine — had been using cannabis since he was 11.

Sentencing Houghton, the judge told him: “You have two previous convictions for possession of cannabis.

“I’ve now got to deal with you for possession with intent to supply.

“The offences occurred in June 2020, and when you must have been on bail for these offences, you were found in possession of cannabis again last October.

“I’m not going to send you to prison but the result of this is you have built up a substantial record.

“I know you have got a problem with it (cannabis) but you have to understand there will come a point where you are going to be sent to prison.

“You are really playing with fire.

“How you live your life is a matter for you but cannabis is illegal in this country.

“If you continue to use it, you are going to get into trouble and if you have it with intent to sell it, you are going straight to prison.

“If you commit any other offences within the next 18 months, you will end up serving the sentence I have imposed.”