Drivers say Rotherham’s roads are the country’s worst

Drivers say Rotherham’s roads are the country’s worst

By Michael Upton | 05/07/2021

Drivers say Rotherham’s roads are the country’s worst


MOTORISTS driven potty by potholes have declared Rotherham’s roads the worst in the county.

Four out of five people responding to an online Advertiser poll agreed that the borough had the shabbiest roads in South Yorkshire.

Rotherham Council said it had received 19,083 pothole complaints in the past three years – amounting to more than 500 every month.

It revealed there were still 18,000 potholes still needing repairs – although it said this number was down from 31,000 in 2017.

Asked to highlight Rotherham’s worst roads, several readers named Rotherham Road at Parkgate, while others pointed to Royds Moor Lane at Whiston, Main Street in Bramley, Fitzwilliam Road in Eastwood, the roads of the Hellaby Industrial Estate, Doncaster Road in Clifton and Fellowsfield Way in Kimberworth, Broom Valley Road and Maltby High Street.

Facebook user Helen Goodson joked: “In this country, we drive on the left hand side of the road — in Rotherham we just drive on what’s left of the roads.”

Social media follower Gwenan Ellis called Rotherham’s roads a “cyclist’s hell”, adding: “Massive difference in adjoining places like Doncaster. Rotherham roads are terrible to ride on...proper jaw-jolting potholes if you’re not careful.

“Constantly having to pull out to avoid them. Doncaster and Sheffield have got it right with far more designated cycle ways and paths.”

Many people commenting blamed Rotherham Council for the state of the roads, with some complaining trouble spots were simply patched up instead of being fully resurfaced.

Cllr Emily Barley, the Conservative group leader on Rotherham Council, said potholes had been one of the issues raised on the doorstep by voters in this spring’s local elections campaign.

A report from insurance firm Carole Nash ranked Rotherham as the eighth biggest hotspot for potholes in the country, saying there had been a total of 83,964 reports from disgruntled road users between 2017 and 2020, but RMBC dismissed these figures as inaccurate.

Rotherham Council’s assistant director for community safety and street scene, Tom Smith said the council’s highways service undertook regular routine safety highway inspections on all adopted roads across the borough and “any pothole defects that are identified as requiring works are repaired”.

He said RMBC was  investing an additional £24 million over four years in resurfacing and removing potholes across the borough.

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