Dog owner blames firework bangs after pup Molly "dies of fright"

Dog owner blames firework bangs after pup Molly "dies of fright"

By Michael Upton | 05/11/2019

Dog owner blames firework bangs after pup Molly 'dies of fright'

A DEVASTATED dog owner has taken a stand against fireworks to be banned after her beloved puppy “died of fright”.

Susan Paterson has backed a petition for a review of the use and sale of fireworks following the death of black terrier Molly (pictured).

She said in a Facebook post on Sunday: “Due to the enormous amount of fireworks with loud bangs going off around Wombwell and lower Darfield last night, we lost a young terrier with a heart attack.

“Please think of the animals. Molly was only 18 weeks old and died of fright caused by fireworks.”

Susan urged people to sign a petition calling for restrictions on when fireworks can be let off, a cut in the maximum noise level and licenses for public displays.

The petition has so far been signed more than 500,000 times.

Petition founder Julie Doorne said: “Fireworks can cause serious distress to animals. 

“They don’t only suffer psychologically, but also physically as many attempt to run away from, or hide from, the bangs. 

“With extreme noise levels and people being able to let off fireworks any time of year, it’s difficult for those who care for animals to be able to put measures in place to protect their animals. 

“This is why I’m calling for an urgent review of firework regulations to further restrict their use, as a step to preventing needless animal suffering.”

MPs are set to debate the issue after another petitiion on the Parliament Petitions site  — which demands a ban on the public sale of fireworks — gathered more than 240,000 backers.



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