Device makes all the difference – now pair want to show thanks

Device makes all the difference – now pair want to show thanks

By Roland Sebestyen | 22/06/2022

Device makes all the difference – now pair want to show thanks

AN EPILEPTIC little “cheeky” lad’s family can finally rest easy after a life-changing device was sent by a charity — and in return, friends are raising funds to thank them for it.

Albie Goddard (2) often suffers seizures during the night when his parents are asleep.

Albie’s mum, Rochelle Goddard (35), of Harley, said: “Albie’s a cheeky little boy but in February he was just having his breakfast as usual and all of a sudden he just collapsed and started having a seizure.

“We were panicking.

“We called the ambulance straight away and that was his first seizure — he had two after that. He was diagnosed with epilepsy.

“He’s been having absence seizures pretty much every day and had a couple at night whilst we were sleeping.

“It’s really worrying.”

The Jon Shaw Foundation, a charity that aims to help young people with epilepsy live safely and independently, has provided a special monitor to the family — which has changed everything.

Rochelle and wife Michelle are now able to leave Albie alone during the night as the monitor will notify them if anything out of the ordinary is happens.

Rochelle added: “I can’t say I'm not worried as I’m worried about him every single day but we’re learning how to live and deal with it.

“We’re educating ourselves as well, it’s really helpful.

“Having this monitor during the night means we can finally catch some sleep. It’s been amazing having it.”

The charity’s help hasn’t gone unnoticed — Albie’s brother Jay (7) and their friend Chelsea (6) decided to raise funds for the foundation.

Chelsea’s mum Keeley Ellis (27), of Catcliffe, said: “Jay came up with a way to raise some money because the monitor can cost up to £1,000.

“They’re going to do 200 miles on a scooter in a month to raise money for the Jon Shaw Foundation.

“They’re going to do it in places like the Pennines and the Rother Valley Country Park.

“Chelsea’s done fundraisers in the past, raising thousands of pounds.

“I think it’s really important for them to understand that without charities some people are having a hard time to self-fund.

“It must not be forced, though. It’s a good way to teach them to help others.

“They’ve got a better understanding now what it means to help each other.”

Rochelle said: “The children had to do some learning as well as Jay had witnessed some of the seizures which are quite scary — especially when it's your baby brother.

“I’m really proud of Chelsea and Jay.”

To find out more and make a donation to the kids’ appeal, search on Facebook for “Keeley's fundraiser for Jon Shaw Foundation”.