Council leader Roger Stone quits over child grooming report

Council leader Roger Stone quits over child grooming report

By Michael Upton | 27/08/2014 9 comments

Council leader Roger Stone quits over child grooming report

ROTHERHAM Borough Council’s leader Roger Stone has quit after a report heavily criticised the council’s historic handling of child sexual exploitation.

Cllr Stone announced this afternoon that he was stepping down after an independent investigation into child sexual exploitation revealed the true scale of the issue in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013, with at least 1,400 children across the borough identified as being subject to appalling levels of crime and abuse.

The investigation led by former Government advisor Alexis Jay found that girls as young as 11 were raped by multiple perpetrators.

Ms Jay’s report also found there was a “macho”, “sexist” and “bullying” culture within the council which was “likely to have impeded the council from providing an effective, corporate response to such a highly sensitive social problem as child sexual exploitation.”

Cllr Stone apologised to the victims, saying he was “sending my heartfelt apologies to those young people and their families who this report shows have been badly let down by the council in the past”.

In a statement, he went on to add: “Having considered the report, I believe it is only right that I, as leader, take responsibility on behalf of the council for the historic failings that are described so clearly in the report and it is my intention to do so.  

“For this reason, I have today agreed with my Labour group colleagues that I will be stepping down as leader with immediate effect.

“A new leader will be elected in due course.”

Council chief executive Martin Kimber also apologised, saying: “For a significant amount of time the council and its partners could and should have done more to protect young people from what must be one of the most horrific forms of abuse imaginable.”

Prof Jay’s report noted that support for victims had improved since 2009 but listed 15 recommendations.

For more details and reaction, see Friday’s Advertiser.


  • "The Tiser still not generating it into THE MEGA STORY it is." Please see tomorrow's Advertiser for our full coverage.

    newsdesk. Thu 28 Aug 11:46:50.

  • Will you lot please stop voting in these useless Socialist scumbags who haven't a clue about real life! This is all to do with political (ie socialist) correctness.

    Neil Jackson. Thu 28 Aug 06:36:38.

  • News in America. As a bloke who grew up in Rotherham, disgusted. Compensate the victims. Who thought it was o.k to let kids be gang raped and doused in petrol. Council members, it would be VERY different if it were your children. Fire them. What an injustice to our most vulnerable and innocent victims. Obviously Rotherham has changed. A sad reflection when officials turn a blind eye because fear of being a racist, really? All this while taking a substantial cheque.

    Disgusted. Thu 28 Aug 02:21:49.

  • The arrogance of RMBC is incredible. No one to be disciplined. Whaaaattt! The Tiser still not generating it into THE MEGA STORY it is. Wakey Wakey or are we worried what the councillors are going to say? Let's push on to get the following ejected from office. Shaun Wright, Martin Kimber, Paul 'Lightweight', Joyce Thacker(OBE). Sonia Sharp wisely skipped town long ago. We as taxpayers are left to pick up the pieces, while certain morons quickly sign off their pension deals.

    SYCRITIC. Wed 27 Aug 20:30:22.

  • I find it inconceivable that Shaun Wright has not resigned also. Any one with a conscience must know that they bear some responsibility. His present position makes him a liability and he must go before the town gets more bad publicity

    awill. Wed 27 Aug 19:05:49.

  • And now Jolly Ole England appears to have progressed to....Oh, about the 1500's. Americans can not believe that many adults in your community, holding "responsible" positions knew about and tolerated this horrible condition. I suggest the entire town be burnt to the ground.

    Snowfire. Wed 27 Aug 03:06:00.

  • He has quit because his policy of" ignorance in the hope those things he doesn't want to hear will go away" has been exposed in the most horrific of ways. I am gobsmacked that people have not commented. A national news website has over 1200 comments. Come on people of Rotherham. Time to wake up. Shaun Wright must go. Kimber must go. We need leader's not bullets and macho men (as detailed in "the" report)

    miller on tour. Tue 26 Aug 23:52:48.

  • CHILD EXPLOITATION. The lead story on every TV and Radio station except 'the tiser'...unbelieveable! Speed cameras...come on! What happened to the correct headline ie ROTHERHAM Council answer to 1,400 victims of child abuse! ? While your working this one out, I will kick start the campaign to get Martin Kimber and Paul 'lightweight' Lakin out the door at RMBC. Over to you 'journalists'........

    SYCRITIC. Tue 26 Aug 19:37:38.

  • Anyone working within the Police or Council, who knew that this abuse was happening and who was doing it but did nothing is a facilitator of the abuse; and should face criminal charges. It makes me feel sick that this is happening where I live.

    RTasker. Tue 26 Aug 18:26:59.

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