Council installs 30mph flashing speed sign - 20 metres from a 40mph zone

Council installs 30mph flashing speed sign - 20 metres from a 40mph zone

By Gareth Dennison | 11/10/2019

Council installs 30mph flashing speed sign - 20 metres from a 40mph zone

COUNCILLORS spent £3,000 on a flashing 30mph sign — 20 metres before the road changes to a 40 limit.

The speed-activated warning was installed by Rotherham Council in Bramley at Brook Lane on the route to Ravenfield.

One motorist said: “About 400 yards up the road from the mini-roundabout there’s a sign which is activated when vehicles approach.

“What on earth were they thinking to put it where they have? It flashes the 30mph speed limit but then a few yards later the road changes to a 40mph limit.”

Bramley Parish Council clerk Rob Foulds said: “Why has it been put 20 yards in front of a 40mph sign, when it should have been erected in front of the corresponding 30mph sign on the other side of the road?

“What would have been more appropriate would have been to erect it at the brow of the hill to alert drivers coming from Ravenfield that there was a pedestrian crossing facility and 30 limit beyond their line of sight.”

He added: “The parish council was never consulted about the sign being erected, but then, why change the habit of a lifetime?

“This merely confirms the parish council’s previous disapproving observations about the manner in which RMBC has re-engineered the highway in that location.”

The flashing sign was paid for through the devolved budget of Wickersley ward councillors Emma Hoddinott, Chris Read and Sue Ellis.

Cllr Hoddinott admitted the placement may look a little odd, but it was part of a wider safety road campaign at the location.

She said: “It’s part of a project we have been working on with residents, which has also seen the pedestrian refuge installed, the vegetation cut back and community speedwatch days.

“Because of speeding, residents on The Copse struggle to get out of their road. It’s a big issue there.

“It may look a little odd, but it’s a temporary measure and it’s the only place there that we could have it.

“If people are activating the sign, they are still going too fast and shouldn’t be. If it’s activated, then they are speeding before they get to the 40.

She added: “Eventually, we want to change the limit, so that it becomes a 40 further up the hill.”

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