Controversy as plans are passed for new Kimberworth micropub

Controversy as plans are passed for new Kimberworth micropub

By Gareth Dennison | 06/02/2020

Controversy as plans are passed for new Kimberworth micropub

APPROVAL of another micropub followed a discussion by planners about the role of drinking establishments in the community.

Carl Ford was granted permission to convert a hairdressers on High Street at Kimberworth into a cafe and bar, with an outside smoking area.

There were 11 objections from nearby residents worried about noise, parking and antisocial behaviour.

One objector said: “These facilities are important but Kimberworth is already saturated with drinking establishments. There are a number of pubs and shops selling alcohol. Another bar is not required here.”

Another neighbour said she goes to bed early to get up for her job as a cleaner.
She added: “I don’t want to be laid listening to car doors slamming and people talking, laughing and congregating outside.”

Mr Ford said the cafe — creating four jobs — would be more of a cafe during the day.
“In an evening, my aim us to create a low-key, friendly atmosphere,” he added. 

“I don’t intend to have Sky Sports, DJs or karaoke, only background music where people can talk and socialise.

“I hope to create a social meeting place for people who don’t like the loud atmosphere provided by other local venues.”

RMBC senior development manager Nigel Hancock said there had been concerns so the council had added conditions of no amplified music or outside drinking.

He added: “Pubs have always been located within or close to residential areas. We have a policy in the local plan to protect existing pubs from closure where possible as it’s recognised that they can play an important role in the community.

“Over the last few years, the trend is for smaller drinking establishments rather than the more traditional larger pubs, that are subject to closure because they are not viable any more.”

Board members voted by eight to two to approve the micropub.

Cllr Alan Atkin said he had sympathy with residents but there was no reason within planning rules to reject the proposal.

There had been no problems with the micropubs approved across Rotherham so far, he added. 

He said: “The clientele that tend to use them are usually the more mature people who like a good craft ale and tend to behave.”

Cllr Rose McNeely was surprised to see no input from South Yorkshire Police, given the proximity of the bar to Winterhill School.

She added: “We all know that girls dress and look a lot older than they actually are so we have to have confidence [bar] staff will be asking the appropriate questions.”

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