Child sex abuse trial: Arshid Hussain "ripped family's life apart"

By Adele Forrest | 20/01/2016 0 comments

Child sex abuse trial: Arshid Hussain 'ripped family's life apart'

THE sister of a woman who gave birth to abuse trial defendant Arshid Hussain’s child when she was 15 has told how he “ripped their family apart”.

The woman was giving evidence at the trial where Hussain is charged with 29 offences — six of which are against the mother of his child, including rape, indecent assault and abduction.

The woman said that even to this day her sister would never tell the family what happened to her 15 years ago because it would too painful to hear.

She added: “I don't speak to her about it.

“Our whole family was ripped apart.

“Our life was chaos for two years.”

The woman said that on one occasion her sister had called from Rotherham Market in “floods of tears” and accused Hussain of trying to throw their baby’s pram off the balcony with the baby still inside.

“I could hear him (Ash) hammering on the phone box saying he was going to kill her and the child,” she added.

The six offences are said to have taken place between 1999 and 2001 when the girl, from Rotherham, was aged between 14 and 15.

The woman, who is 18 months older than her sister, told the jury her sister used to be a champion gymnast.

But she said that when she was around 13 and 14, she began to change and started going missing from home and “closing down”.

The woman said that when her sister was 14, she told her she had become pregnant to Arshid Hussain, who she knew as Ash.

The woman said: “I offered to look after the baby if she finished school. Then she went out with Ash and came back and said she had to get an abortion.

“After that she just got worse, more distant, more defiant, it was like there was a control, I’d never seen anything like it before.”

She said her sister had run away from home for up to two months.

“When she was missing there was no contact, but my dad would drive round every night, go into hotels looking for her, giving her picture out,” she said.

“He used to do that every night and my mum would lie in bed crying herself to sleep, every night for two years.”

The sister said she had got hold of Ash’s brother Bash’s number, and told him if her sister was not home in the next hour she would ring the police and report Ash for abduction and rape.
She said: “Bash told me I was ‘a little white slag and I had f****d it’,” she said.

“I said that if she wasn't home in ten minutes his brother would be getting done for rape — and she was home in ten minutes.”

The court heard that the sisters had secretly recorded police officers PC Diane Garner and Det Con Lee Robinson in 2013 on a mobile phone when they visited to talk about prosecuting Hussain in April 2013 because they “did not trust them and had no faith in them”.

She said her father had given police her sister's diary more than 15 years ago and an 11-page statement.

But the witness told the court that at a meeting before the secretly recorded one, PC Garner had told them “it had all disappeared”.

The woman said: “We didn’t trust them, they let us down 15 years previously, it was the same officers they just didn’t care, they didn’t want the paperwork and they weren't interested.”

She denied they were “setting them up”, adding: “We wanted to the truth, if I didn't record it we wouldn’t be sat here now.

The woman said she believed South Yorkshire Police had blackmailed her sister when they told her if she “went ahead with press they would not be able to make the case”.

The trial continues.


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