Cashless parking rethink at Ulley Country Park

Cashless parking rethink at Ulley Country Park

By Gareth Dennison | 26/09/2018

Cashless parking rethink at Ulley Country Park

A CASHLESS parking policy at isolated Ulley Country Park is being reconsidered.

The old machines were ditched for mobile phone service RingGo after repeated vandalism.

But Cllr Mick Elliott, UKIP, said: “I’m not sure everyone going out for a stroll around the reservoir will carry their mobile or payment cards.

“We should be encouraging visitors to the park, not deterring them.”

Cllr Sarah Allen, cabinet member for cleaner, greener communities, said the switch had been made because of Ulley’s secluded location.

She added: “A number of machines at Ulley have been vandalised and even stolen.

“It’s working very satisfactorily but the short answer to would we reconsider is yes.

“We are meeting with the conservation and ecology group and the friends group to look at what additional measures we could put in place to make parking as accessible as possible.”

Cllr Allen also urged people to always carry their phones — having not had hers with her when she broke her ankle at Boston Castle Park.