Boy (17) admits killing Lewis Williams but denies murder

Boy (17) admits killing Lewis Williams but denies murder

By Adele Forrest | 08/09/2021

Boy (17) admits killing Lewis Williams but denies murder
Victim Lewis Williams


A BOY has admitted killing a man in Mexborough — but denied murder, claiming he thought the “slam-gun” he had used was only capable of “making a loud bang”.

The 17 year-old boy — who cannot be named due to his age — is on trial alongside four others accused of the murder of 20-year-old Lewis Williams in a “gang-related rivalry” dispute.

All the defendants, who also include Jack Parkes (21), of Arnold Crescent, Mexborough; Ryan Nisbet (20), of Springwood Road, Hoyland; Joe Anderton (18), of Jubilee Road, Wheatley, Doncaster, and a 16-year-old boy, deny murder.

Mr Williams (20) was shot on Wath Road in Mexborough in January in a “planned execution” — allegedly over a dispute about a car.

The prosecution believe a homemade or improvised firearm designed to discharge ammunition and known as a “slam-gun” was used to kill Mr Williams.

The 17-year-old defendant has admitted being the front-seat passenger in a Jaguar who shot Mr Williams.

“He accepts being in possession of a firearm,” said Mr Stephen Wood, prosecuting. 

“He accepts that he discharged it and that he caused the death of Lewis Williams.

“He denies murder because he denies that he neither intended to kill Lewis Williams or to cause him serious bodily harm because he believed that the improvised firearm he was in possession of — a slam-gun — was only capable of discharging an empty shotgun cartridge making a ‘loud bang’.”

The four other defendants all admit to being in the Jaguar when Mr Williams was shot on January 11 but claim they were unaware of a plan to shoot him, that they were not in possession of a firearm themselves, nor that they had any idea that there was a gun in the car. 

The prosecution’s case is that each of the five males in the car knew that they were searching for Mr Williams with the intention of killing kill him.

“In other words, this was a planned execution,” said Mr Wood.

He said the five defendants had been driving around looking for Mr Williams, because he was a member of rival gang PSB — which stands for Pittsmoor Shotta Boys. 

“As the Jaguar drove past a group of three males on Wath Road, a group which included Lewis Williams, a shot was fired from the front passenger seat of the Jaguar,” he said.

Mr Williams was struck by pellets from a shotgun cartridge and sustained catastrophic injuries to his head and neck, the court heard.

Anderton filmed the shooting from inside the car on his mobile telephone, which was shared on social media “to show rival gangs that you are deadly serious”, said Mr Wood. 

The footage was played to the jury at Sheffield Crown Court on Wednesday.

In it, the prosecution say, shouts of “Shoot him!” can be heard as the gun is handed from a back seat passenger to the 17-year-old.

It is claimed the 17-year-old defendant had said earlier in the day that he was “gonna kill him (Mr Williams)” because he had “broke his car”.

When the defendants were arrested, the 17-year-old boy’s phone was seized.

Police found a photograph on the phone — which had been taken the day before the murder — showing a black shotgun cartridge and a firearm which had the appearance of a slam-gun, the jury was told.

Mr Wood said that evidence from the 17-year-old’s social media activity shows that around two hours after the shooting, the youth had had a conversation on Instagram with an unnamed friend.

The friend asked the defendant if he had “heard one of the Hudz rinsed one of the PSB boys”. 

This is followed with an emoji symbol of a face crying with laughter. 

The 17-year-old defendant replied: “Yeah probably, as Hudson’s mad”. 

The trial continues.

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