Booth wins Underground trains scrap contract

Booth wins Underground trains scrap contract

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Booth wins Underground trains scrap contract

SCRAP metal giant C.F. Booth is steeling itself to the task of dismantling dozens of decommissioned London Underground trains in the run up to the 2012 Olympics.

The one-time owner of the Rotherham United’s home football ground, has sealed a deal to scrap 47 trains from the capital’s Victoria Line.

Transport for London confirmed that the Rotherham-based firm would disposing of the trains as part of a renewal scheme, which will see new models phased in ahead of the 2012 Games.

And the coup stands C.F. Booth in good stead for more work of a similar nature in future.

A further three contracts, involving decommissioned trains from the city’s Circle, Hammersmith and City, and District and Metropolitan lines, have yet to be put out to tender.

C.F. Booth’s James Hawley refused to comment on the specifics of the deal, which is believed to be worth millions to the family-run business, but said: “It’s obviously good news for us.”

The Advertiser understands that two of the trains have already been dismantled at the Masbrough scrapyard after being transported by rail from London.

Further trains will be brought to Rotherham as their replacements are brought into use on the Victoria Line at a rate of one a fortnight.

That means the original trains, which have been operating since 1967 and are the oldest on the Underground system, will be have been completely removed from the service in less than two years.

Each train being transported to C.F. Booth for scrapping consists of four 15.8-metre long units.

The combined weight of the 47 trains which will be transported from London to C.F. Booth’s yard, off Armer Street, Masbrough, is estimated to be in the region of 4,000 tons.

A TfL spokesman said: “Following a tender process, C. F. Booth Ltd has been awarded a contract with TfL for the disposal of decommissioned Victoria line trains.

“Upgrade work on the Victoria Line includes the provision of 47 new trains. 

“These new trains are more spacious, comfortable and faster and will replace those currently in service. 

“Old trains removed from the Victoria Line will be dismantled with the majority of the components from these trains being recycled or reused.”

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