Beer garden glass thrower spared prison

Beer garden glass thrower spared prison

By Michael Upton | 07/05/2021

Beer garden glass thrower spared prison


A DRINKER left one man scarred and injured another when he hurled a pint glass in a beer garden bust-up, a court heard.

Sheffield Crown Court was told Jake Elliott (23) had already argued with his main victim, Ian Goodall, at the Don John pub in Maltby when he threw the glass, which hit Mr Goodall in the face and ricocheted onto his friend, Don Blackwell.

Both men needed hospital treatment and Mr Goodall was left with a five-inch scar.

Recorder Simon Eckersley said Elliott, who admitted two counts of wounding, deserved a two-year prison term but the judge decided to suspend the sentence after the prosecution said there had been “some provocation” to the attack.

Mr James Gould, mitigating, said Elliott, who had previous convictions for battery, criminal damage and threats with a knife, had stayed out of trouble since the 2019 offence and was now in a stable relationship, owned his own home and had become a father.

Ms Amy Earnshaw, prosecuting, said Elliott, of Flanderwell Avenue, Flanderwell, and Mr Goodall knew each other as Elliott was friends with Mr Goodall’s daughter.

“However, shortly before this incident there was an allegation made against Elliott regarding a burglary at Mr Goodall’s property,” she said.

“On February 16, Mr Goodall was at the Don John with a Mr Blackwell.

“They arrived at 10.15 and had been there about an hour when Mr Goodall was approached on the way to the toilet by the defendant, who said he wanted to speak to them.

“He did not want to speak to Elliott, so he ignored him and carried on walking.”

A short time later, Ms Earnshaw said, Mr Goodall went outside and confronted Elliott. Mr Goodall was seen on CCTV pushing Elliott down some steps, she said.

Later on, Mr Goodall was approached inside the pub by Elliott’s girlfriend, who said Elliott wanted to speak to him, the prosecutor said, adding: “It is right to say Mr Goodall and Mr Blackwell came outside at speed and approached Elliott.

“Mr Blackwell says he saw Elliott throwing something at Mr Goodall.

“It was a glass, which bounced off Mr Goodall and onto Mr Blackwell.”

As Elliott fled the scene, Ms Earnshaw said, the two injured men were taken to hospital, Mr Goodall having suffered a gash which left him scarred, and Mr Blackwell needing treatment for a cut to his forehead.

Elliott had made no comment in his police interview and denied wounding with intent but later admitted a lesser charge of wounding.

Ms Earnshaw said Mr Goodall said in a statement that he “could’ve been killed by the attack and does not feel confident about going out again”.

She added: “It has to be considered there does appear to have been a touch of provocation.”

Mr Gould said: “While the violence is not justified, this was an instantaneous reaction to a man, closely followed by another, pursuing him at speed, in circumstances where they were hostile.

“There was something of a history and a hostility towards this defendant.”

As well as issuing the suspended prison sentence, Recorder Eckersley ordered Elliott to complete 80 hours of unpaid work.

He told Elliott: “I’m giving you an opportunity a don’t let me down.”


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