Award for police teams which seized millions in drugs

Award for police teams which seized millions in drugs

By Admin | 05/08/2022

Award for police teams which seized millions in drugs

THE police team which seized £11 million in cannabis and drugs equipment in ten months has been honoured with a regional award.

Operation Grow was launched by SYP and partners following concerns over illegal set-ups disrupting public power supplies, especially in Eastwood and Ferham.

The group of Rotherham officers was given the police team prize at the Cutlers’ Company Police and Fire Service Awards, which recognise exemplary actions within the two emergency services.

It was said that officers involved in the efforts to curb cannabis production had gone “above and beyond” their duties.

Chief Insp Sharron Wood said: “I am extremely proud of the team, not only for winning the award but for the results they have achieved in such a short space of time.

“The Operation Grow team have grown in strength and this has been reflected in their results as we continue to disrupt criminality and put people before court to be held responsible for their actions.”

Op Grow was launched in October 2021 with partners including Rotherham Council.

The aim was to target and disrupt the growing and supplying of cannabis.

In many cases, the drug farms were running off by-passed electricity.

Almost 100 warrants have been executed, with equipment and 11,000 plants seized with a street value exceeding £11 million.

Chief Insp Wood said: “We still have work to do.

“Cannabis farms impact on the quality of life of local residents and businesses.

“Power outages, exploitation of vulnerable people, as well as the organised crime that brings fear and harm will not be tolerated.

“We want to make Rotherham a better, more enjoyable place to live and work.

“A huge congratulations to the team, I am pleased your work and efforts have been recognised.”