Apprentices become health trust's first trainee clinical coders

Apprentices become health trust's first trainee clinical coders

By Jill Theobald | 28/04/2022

Apprentices become health trust's first trainee clinical coders


TWO apprentices have cracked the exam code by passing their courses, marking a milestone for a health trust.

Hannah Webb (28) and 25-year-old Kitty Jennings joined Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust’s clinical coding team 18 months ago as apprentice clinical coders.

The pair, both from Rotherham, have now passed their courses on the Clinical Coding Level 3 Apprenticeship Programme to become trainee clinical coders, a first for the trust.

Clinical coding is the translation of medical terminology written by the clinician to describe a patient’s problem, diagnosis, treatment or reason for seeking medical attention, into a coded format.

The data, which is nationally and internationally recognised, is used in various ways, including health reports and meeting government targets.  

Emma Ho, clinical coding manager, said: “Despite delays in their training due to Covid, they have spent 18 months learning the ropes of coding with mentors and studying for their apprenticeship, for which they were assessed by two exams and a professional discussion.

“They have clearly worked really hard and are a credit to our department, so it is no surprise to us that they have done so well.”

Hannah said: “Exams make me super nervous so I’m proud that I kept my cool and prepared myself the best I could in the run-up to the three exams.

“The next step for me now is to focus on my trainee clinical coder role, which will mean fully learning how to code each speciality and completing training around these specialities.”  

Kitty added: “It’s a big relief to have passed my apprenticeship. It’s also a really nice feeling to have done our managers, fellow coders, and especially our mentors proud.”