£9.9m bill to equip Rotherham Council's new offices

£9.9m bill to equip Rotherham Council's new offices

By Gareth Dennison | 26/08/2011 3 comments

£9.9m bill to equip Rotherham Council's new offices

ROTHERHAM Borough Council’s multi-million pound new offices will cost £9.9 million to furnish.

The £3 million-a-year rent paid to regeneration group Evans for Riverside House does not include kitting out the buildings.

The first staff will begin moving in before Christmas and the authority insists the total cost is less than staying put in its ageing existing buildings.

But the council has come under fire for committing so much to its latest high-profile investment in the wake of the £3 million refurbishment of the Town Hall, the £5 million purchase of Doncaster Gate hospital and controversial cuts to youth centres.

Tory councillor John Turner said that it was also at odds with a belt-tightening approach which saw council officials slashing £30 million from their annual budget.“

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The kit-out cost will go on building rooms within Riverside House and adding all fixtures, fittings and computers, plus filling the library, public cafe and customer service centre.

Estates manager Paul Smith said: “The £9.9 million to fit out Riverside House was budgeted for at the beginning of the project.

“The cost of Riverside House over 35 years is less than the cost of keeping our current estates because of the works that would be needed.

“It’s cheaper to move to Riverside and do all the other works than to refurbish what we have now. It also means we are part of revitalising that part of town."

s than the current total.

An “agile working” system means desk-sharing will be the norm, with 58 spots for every 100 employees to minimise unused space.



  • 9.9 million and the council don't even own the building! if i rent a council house i don't pay for a new kitchen in a house i don't own. more incompetence and self interest from rotherham council. couldnt they have done what everyone else is doing and making do with what they've got?

    nononsenseman. Sat 27 Aug 16:44:54.

  • In light of the huge expense of the new building, which by the way is too small, maybe the council, especially the cabinet would like to explain why they are divesting themselves of some frontline services.. for instance the Debt Advice unit which has faithfully and diligently served the people of Rotherham for the last 22 years.....

    katieD. Fri 26 Aug 15:29:41.

  • £9.9 million to fitout an office this size. As someone from the property industry it sounds like the Council have negotiated an excellent rate. But i,m sure the uninformed, particularly politicions and "the usual letter writing classes" will not let facts get in the way of a good moan.

    Oldboycomeback. Fri 26 Aug 07:34:02.

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