£1.3m cycle path branded a ‘waste of money’

£1.3m cycle path branded a ‘waste of money’

By Michael Upton | 07/10/2021

£1.3m cycle path branded a ‘waste of money’


A CYCLE path which cost £1.3 million has proved a waste of money — when pavements used much more often are in a poor condition, an opposition councillor said.

Cllr Ian Jones, Rotherham Democratic Party, enquired about the cost of the bike route, which runs alongside Fenton Road from Rhymer’s roundabout to Greasbrough.

He said: “Obviously, we are now trying to force change on people who either don’t want it or can’t use the routes.

“I usually use this route three times a day, and I’ve only ever seen three people cycling on it.

“Why are we wasting money on building such schemes when the pavements used on a daily basis are in such a state of disrepair?”

The cost of the cycle path — installed in March 2020 — was £1,344,298. The number of cyclists using the route has yet to be measured.

Cllr Dominic Beck said the scheme had been funded externally through the Department for Transport and Transforming Cities Fund, rather than by RMBC.

He added: “I think aspirations around trying to promote active travel and get people out of their vehicles are a good and positive thing.

“It’s a priority of the council that we do that. If we were to do it again and look for the funding to draw down, I think we would do.”