Vascos Restaurant

£10 off the final bill per two people dining. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Evenings.

Vascos restaurant, Wickersley, is offering £10 off the total food bill, per two people dining on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Vascos is the ideal venue for people who appreciate good food. Modern British cuisine is served in the chic restaurant, beautifully presented and bursting with flavour.

It's truly a fine dining experience, and all dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients bought in daily from local suppliers. Dishes include pan seared tuna steak, rack of lamb and slow roasted belly pork.

Heidi Dakin of Vasco's said: "We have a strong team of staff who are proud to work at the restaurant and we are committed to what we do.

"This is reflected with our high level of service, presentation and most importantly our fantastic food.

"We would like to welcome you to sample our delicious menu and enjoy an evening of indulgence."


Occupation: Head chef Vasco, Wickersley

Age: 25

Q When did you first discover your interest to work with food?

A I started baking with my mum at six years old and I got really good at it. I then started cooking the evening meals for my family and by the time I reached secondary school, I knew that working in a kitchen was exactly what I needed to do in life. I studied food at GCSE then went on to RCAT college to gain my qualifications in food. My first job was a part time chef at the Holiday Inn, and once I had some real kitchen experience behind me, I went on to work in a Michelin star restaurant in Hull, then moved back to Rotherham where I landed the head chef job at Vasco.

Q Is there a dish on the menu at Vasco you would personally recommend?

A The halibut is a great fresh summery dish, it’s delicious.

Q Do you prefer sweet or savoury?

A I’m a savoury man.

Q What would be your food heaven?

A A good piece of venison.

Q What would be your food hell?

A I’m a big food lover, but if i can avoid eating mackerel then i will, it’s just too strong smelling for my liking.

Q What is your favourite style of world cooking?

A French food, I love the intense flavours and rusticity of the food.

Q What is your favourite spice to cook with?

A Cumin is a great spice to play with.

Q What is your favourite cookbook?

A I love the Gordon Ramsey cookbook, I use it on a weekly basis.

Q If you had the chance to work with another chef, who would you choose?

A I’ve worked with James Martin before – he’s a great guy, he has a very sarcastic humour and is great fun to work with. I’ve also worked with Brian Turner and would love the opportunity to team up with him again.

Q What are the pros and cons of working in the kitchen?

A I love that I can be creative and experiment with food – a chef’s kitchen is like a scientists laboratory, it’s great. We’ve just launched a new Yorkshire Tapas menu which is already proving a favourite, available daily from 12 noon. I love trying new things. The only downside is the long hours and hard work, but if you love what you do, it’s worth it!


Q What is your favourite gadget in the kitchen?

A My mandolin slicer, it’s vicious but it does a good job.

Q In no more than five words, how would you describe your food?

A Vibrant, artistic, flavoursome, fresh, and not-over-complicated.