UKIP Party Manifesto


NONE OF THE THREE MAIN PARTIES CAN HALT IMMIGRATION - They will keep us in the E.U. and vote for Turkey and others to join.

Labour is still allowing immigrants to settle in the UK.  The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats will do the same.  They all voted for Turkey to join the EU.   Only UKIP MEP's voted against.

This will give another 70 million people the right to settle in Britain. 

The economy is ruined because Labour have spent all of your money.  The failed three parties are busy arguing about how they will fix the economy.  But the truth is none of them can do so without us suffering more pain - higher taxes and reduced public services.

By leaving the EU we could save £45million per day and put this money to the reduction of our National Debt.  The real cost of our EU membership is estimated at £120 billion per year and rising.  (Taxpayers Alliance figures)  Only UKIP can stop the rot.


David Cameron went back on his promise of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Nick Clegg was complicit.  Our nation has been destroyed.  We are now ruled by Brussels.

Their support from businesses who think it is good to stop some of the 1% National Insurance increase in 2011 would be eclipsed by UKIP's policy of abolishing Employers' National Insurance.

A vote for the Lib/Lab/Con is a vote for wasting your money, hight taxes and energy costs. Just more of the same.

Billions to the EU. Billions on climate change.

We just can’t afford the EU or to waste money on stupid schemes.

A vote fo UKIP is a vote for common sense.

Lower taxes. More police on the beat. A better education service.

Reduce our national debt by savings made

A freeze on immigration for 5 years.

Student grants not student loans

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