TV show save my life, says super-slimmer Diane

TV diet contestant Diane Connor reckons that appearing on a fat-busting ITV show has saved her life.

Diane, a 53-year-old taxi driver, from Wickersley, she took part in The Biggest Loser, a show in which contestants compete in gruelling fitness challenges to lose the most weight and win cash prizes, along with her daughter Laura.

But she says she was devastated when obesity experts told her she could only expect to live another 15 years and that her body was the equivalent of a 73-year-old’s.

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“I completely broke down, to the point where the production team had to turn off the cameras because I was uncontrollable,” she said.

Diane weighed more than 19 stone when the show started, but after spending up to 35 hours a week on exercise, she lost 48lb, including a stone during the first week.

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In the show, contestants are split into teams and members of the team that loses the least weight collectively, face elimination.

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Laura was voted out of the house in week four—a week ahead of Diane.

Now, back in Wickersley with husband Graham, Diane said that she was happy to be home and vowed to continue the hard work.

She said: “I still go to the gym every day, but we don’t train for five hours like we did in the house.

“I make time for a one-hour training session every day with my personal trainer who is brilliant.

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“If seeing me lose weight inspires anyone else to do the same, I will be really happy.”

Diane and Laura will return to appear on the final of the show in March.



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