Tread mark on murder victim's face "matched to suspect's trainer"

TREAD marks on the face of murdered pensioner Mushin Ahmed matched shoes worn by suspect Dale Jones on the night, a court heard today.

Jones (30), of East Bawtry Road, is accused of kicking and stamping on Mr Ahmed (81) last August 10, leading to his death in hospital 11 days later.

Mr Robert Worthington, of Adidas UK, said in a statement read at Sheffield Crown Court today that the shoes worn by Jones in CCTV images from the night were Adidas PT70s.

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The shoes are sold exclusively through JD Sports and have a distinctive sole specific to that model, he added.

Mr Ryan Harris, a forensic shoe specialist, said impact marks on Mr Ahmed’s face were “consistent with what would be expected if that type of shoe had been in forceful contact” with him.

Mr Andrew Robertson, prosecuting, asked Mr Harris if he had seen any evidence that co-defendant Damien Hunt’s Nike Air shoes had been involved in the assault.

He replied: “None of the marks on the deceased have been made by this particular training shoe.”

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Mr Harris explained that tread marks on the front and side of Mr Ahmed’s head had been made using the arch and heel of an attacker’s foot.

As such there was no trace of an Adidas logo evident in the bruise and nothing could be concluded about shoe size or wear and tear.

Mr Andrew O’Byrne, defending Jones, pointed out that there are two other shoes sold by Primark and Mustang which bear similar treads to the Adidas PT70.

He asked Mr Harris: “In the absence of a logo, does it mean you cannot entirely rule out the possibility this mark was made by footwear made by a different manufacturer?”

Mr Harris replied: “It’s a possibility.”

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Mr O'Byrne said: “If the logo was present that would be conclusive?”

Mr Harris answered: “No, because the mark was over [Mr Ahmed's] eye socket so I wouldn't expect to see the logo.”

Mr Jason Pitter, representing Hunt (30), of Doncaster Road, East Dene, asked if his shoes could be excluded from the vicious attack.

Mr Harris replied: “In my opinion there were no marks made by the Nike training shoes.”

Both Jones and Hunt deny murder. The trial continues.


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