Will winter tyres help me beast the Beast from the East?

RAIN, wet leaves, snow, black ice: winter brings its own set of hazards. Fitting winter tyres to your car improves driving safety – but only in certain conditions. First things first, what exactly do they do and are they right for you?

Winter tyres work best at temperatures below 7 deg C. Indeed, they outperform conventional ‘summer’ tyres for traction, cornering grip and braking in such conditions – regardless of whether there is snow or ice.

Winter tyres aren’t mandatory in the UK. Only a small percentage of drivers choose to fit them, many of whom live in more remote areas – such as the Scottish Highlands.

It’s a different story in much of mainland Europe, though. In Sweden, for instance, winter tyres are compulsory from the beginning of December to the end of March. And in Austria, they must be fitted between November 1 and April 15 or you face a €5,000 fine.

Always check local guidelines before travelling in order to stay legal and safe.

Information courtesy of RAC.

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