Smart motorways under scrutiny as inquiry calls for road users' views

THE widow of a man killed on the M1 near Rotherham has urged anyone affected by a smart motoway incident to contribute to a parliamentary probe into the controversial network.

Claire Mercer, of Broom, wants people to submit evidence about their experiences of safety on the controversial roads to the transport committee, before the deadline on Saturday.

Claire’s husband Jason and fellow motorists Alexandru Murgreanu were killed when they were knocked down by a lorry shortly after a minor collision on an all-lanes running motorway near Meadowhall in 2019.

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Claire is taking legal action against roads operator Highway England and her lawyers, Irwin Mitchell, recently received a report they commissioned into safety on smart motorways.

The report concluded all-lane running “had the lowest level of intrinsic safety” when compared to any other form of motorway and the risk of a live-lane breakdown was more than twice as high than on standard motorways, given the lack of a hard shoulder.

Claire said: “I know nothing can bring him back but I wouldn’t want others to face the heartbreak and pain I live with every day after Jason’s death.

“Therefore it’s vital that everyone whose lives have been affected in some way by these roads ensure they have their say.”