Rotherham Council considers re-routing buses to ease anti-social behaviour

A CALL was made to tweak a bus route at school times because of concerns about large numbers of pupils gathering at a shelter.

There are worries about youngsters blocking the path and spilling into the road — as well as causing a nuisance to neighbours.

Cllr Charlotte Carter told April’s full Rotherham Council meeting: “We have an issue in Brinsworth on Bonet Lane where there are large volumes of Brinsworth Academy students waiting at one particular bus stop which is causing issues for residents, and anti-social behaviour in the area.

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“Could the cabinet member support having the bus re-routed at school times to pull in at the Brinsworth Academy lay-by as opposed to this bus stop?”

Cllr Dominic Beck, cabinet member for transport, responded: “It’s something we would have to raise with the transport authority, SYMCA, and I’m sure the operators will have a view.


“But if it’s a safety issue and there’s something within the rules and the realms of what’s possible to improve the situation, I’m happy to support and work with you on that.”

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A First South Yorkshire spokesperson said: “The present 73 route and facility to accommodate students from Brinsworth Academy has been in operation and worked very well for over six months.

“We have recently been made aware of some anti-social behaviour being experienced in the afternoons when students leave for the day to which we advise the academy discusses with the community police team.

“We don’t have any immediate plans to extend the route to the academy as we also need to consider our other customers that use the service at these times.”

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