Road closed! Listerdale kids make a stand against pollution and dangerous parking

THERE were new road markings outside a school as pupils made a stand for against dangerous parking and pollution.

Beech Avenue at Listerdale Junior Academy was closed to traffic last Friday as kids and their parents left their cars at home and used the road to play games and draw pictures.

Listerdale, which was marking the start of Walk to School Month, has teamed up travel body Modeshift STARS for a series of initiatives to boost safety and cut car use.

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And on the day, activities included a park-and-stride walking bus from the local pub, playground games like hopscotch, free bike repairs and cycling and scooter skills training sessions.

Last year the school carried out its own air pollution monitoring and found that nitrogen dioxide levels outside the gates more than doubled in term-time compared to the summer holidays. 

Principal David Simpson said: “We’re really keen in improving the health and wellbeing of our pupils, whilst improving access for local residents. 

“We are constantly going the extra mile and we know that the journey to school is an important part of the school day. 

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“Not only do we want to pupils, parents and staff to arrive to school safely but we also want to encourage them to travel in a way that keeps them fit, active and healthy whilst improving air quality for all.”

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