Question mark over Rotherham parking spy van

PLANS being considered by the Government could see Rotherham’s spy car banned just four months after it hit the roads.

The £70,000 CCTV van — mainly used to catch drivers parking illegally outside schools —has been used since October.

But MPs say the system is a cash cow which clouds parking wardens’ “common sense” decisions over when to issue a fine.

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Both Rotherham Borough Council, which runs the spy car, and South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership — which funded it — have strongly objected.

Council parking services manager Martin Beard said: “We confine the use of this vehicle to locations where parking or stopping is forbidden by law at all times.

“For example, the key use for the vehicle is to enforce the Traffic Regulation Orders on all school keep clear markings.

“In such situations, enforcement by traditional methods is difficult due to drivers, upon observing an officer, driving their vehicles away in the knowledge that this will result in no punitive action.

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“Often the vehicles are driven away at high speed, which is a further hazard to pedestrians, many of which are children.”

The spy car takes pictures which are reviewed later by wardens, who post fines to offending motorists.

Mr Wheat added: “The Government consultation suggests use of CCTV is just a money making exercise.

“We certainly don’t see it that way and are asking for any money made to go back into road safety.”

Transport minister Robert Goodwill said: “The Government is committed to reining in over-zealous parking enforcement and unjust parking practices. It is not fair to motorists and needs to stop.”