Police warn of delays out of Rotherham to A1 at Doncaster

POLICE have warned drivers to expect delays out of Kilnhurst, Rotherham to the A1 at Doncaster today and tomorrow.

A spokesperson for SouthYorkshire Police said: “On Monday, July 25 at 10am and Tuesday 26th at 6pm we will be escorting some abnormal loads out of Kilnhurst, Rotherham to the A1 at Doncaster.

“Now these loads will either be very long or very wide so will take up most of the carriageway.

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“They will be coming out of Charles Thompsons on Glasshouse Lane and up to the traffic lights,

"Now this is where we will be stopping all traffic in all directions as they will then be reversed up Victoria Street before moving off towards Hooton Roberts.

“You will not be able to get past so please don’t try! 

“No doubt this will cause a few traffic hold-ups but should only be for a few minutes while all the manoeuvres are made safely.

“Once we approach Hooton Roberts we will also stop all the traffic to allow the loads to swing wide before heading towards Conisbrough.

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“We will escort them all the way to the A1 where they will continue under self-escort.”

The spokesperson thanked drivers in advance for their patience, and added: “The move is timed so other forces can be ready at set locations to assist and to ensure that the drivers’ hours are adhered to.” 

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