Passenger's dismay after Herringthorpe bus service cut due to roadworks

PUBLIC transport users were left stranded this week after bus cuts combined with roadworks to leave them without a route into town.

First axed the 114 and X10 services from Herringthorpe last year and now roadworks have seen the 115 route diverted and shortened.

The area has already been left without any Sunday service and regular traveller Val Marks, of Herringthorpe Valley Road, said the latest disruption — which could last until at least next Monday — had caused further problems.

“What if you need to get into town to go to the bank, the shops or you have a doctor’s appointment?” she said. “A taxi is going to cost you at least six pounds each way.

“If people want to get to work, there’s no bus service.

“And there are no notices or anything on bus stops to let people know the service isn’t running.”

The disruption has been caused by broadband firm City Fibre laying cables in Far Lane (above).

The 115 service usually goes left up Herringthorpe Valley Road from the bottom of Ridgeway before turning along Far Lane and through East Dene, but it is currently turning right along the main road and then onto Mowbray Street, meaning most of Herringthorpe Valley Road and the surrounding area has no service.

Ms Marks — who called the situation disgusting and has contacted bus operator First, MP Sarah Champion and her local borough councillors to complain — said the service should still use Far Lane and then divert along Badsley Moor Lane to account for the blockage to Far Lane.

A transport alert by Travel South Yorkshire this week confirmed the service disrpuption to the No 115.

It said the “outbound” service would be diverted via Doncaster Road, Mowbray Street, left to the Mowbray Gardens bus stop, Herringthorpe Valley Road and Laudsdale Road, while the inbound would operate down Ridgeway then divert right onto Herringthorpe Valley Road, left into Mowbray Gardens, Mowbray Street and Doncaster Road.

Travel disruption site One Network UK said Far Lane would be closed until yesterday (Monday) and delays were possible” until next Monday.

A spokesperson for First South Yorkshire said: “The ongoing works taking place mean that there is some heavy duty plant machinery in situ throughout the days of operation, making access extremely hard for buses and other large vehicles to pass safely.

“On this basis, for continuity and to avoid any risk of collision, we are diverting away from the area until the works are completed.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers whilst the works take place.

“We are however reviewing the situation on a daily basis and will inform people when buses can run safely back on the normal route.”

A CityFibre spokesperson said: “We’re sorry to learn about this issue as we always endeavour to manage disruption as best we can and limit the period of time we stay in each area.

“The works in Far Lane, Rotherham are part of our £29 million digital infrastructure investment across the town, and we are working closely with stakeholders to ensure works are completed quickly and efficiently and that the future-proofing benefits of full fibre connectivity are realised.

“We also do everything in our power to give the community advance notice of work starting, which includes direct mail, press and speaking directly to individuals.

“We are grateful for the continued support we’ve received from the local community and ask that they continue to bear with us while we deliver these essential infrastructure works.”


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