MP Alexander Stafford presents petition for road safety improvements following teenager's tragic death

MP ALEXANDER Stafford took residents’ call for extra safety measures at a spot where a teenager died all the way to Parliament.
Alexander Stafford and campaigners (Photo Credit: Alexander Stafford, Facebook)Alexander Stafford and campaigners (Photo Credit: Alexander Stafford, Facebook)
Alexander Stafford and campaigners (Photo Credit: Alexander Stafford, Facebook)

The Rother Valley MP handed in a petition signed by over 1,400 people calling for Rotherham Council to improve road safety between Laughton Common and Thurcroft.

It follows the death of 14-year-old pedestrian Josh Maslanyk on Laughton Common Road in January after a collision between two cars, which Mr Stafford called an “avoidable tragedy”

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Mr Stafford said: “Rotherham Council must take action to save lives.

“It is a problem spot, but it is not the only one in the village and serious improvements need to be made to our roads to make them safer for all.

“Rotherham Council has responsibility for road safety in the borough, and I look forward to working with them to implement the required measures.”

The petition calls on the Government “to urge Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council to install speed monitoring devices on this road and provide a footpath between Laughton Common and Thurcroft”.

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A relative of Josh’s said in a social media tribute that his death had left “an irreparable void”.

Mr Stafford said it had “highlighted a serious problem with our roads in Rother Valley”, adding: “This particular stretch of road has always been a cause for concern, and there are many others local to us that lack the required street lighting, footpaths and speeding restrictions to keep residents safe.”

Simon Moss, RMBC’s assistant director of planning, regeneration and transport, said: “As with all reported collisions, this incident is subject to a robust review to spot any patterns where more measures could be put in place which would reduce risk and save lives.

“Already work is being done to improve driver awareness of the road layout, with improved signing and lining of roads, and assessments are also underway to improve the pedestrian links along the rural section between Laughton Common and Thurcroft Trail.

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“We’re looking into developing pedestrian links further, and will collaborate with local communities through our new £3 million Local Neighbourhood and Road Safety Scheme programme to work on schemes which will be of benefit.

“The voice of our residents’ matters to us as they know their neighbourhoods best, and we will work with them to put in place measures which will make a difference.”

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