LETTER: Action needs to be taken before serious accident occurs

LAST year I asked that measures be taken to stop the majority of motorists using Roughwood Road, around Rockingham School, from travelling at excessive speeds. Vehicles often pass my car and actually shake it; my car is very heavy and speeds are therefore often in excess of 50 mph.

I received one reply that informed me that three deaths or serious accidents usually need to occur before action is taken. I’ve asked other parents and grandparents with children at Rockingham School if three of them would like to volunteer but so far no takers.

I was also informed that the situation would be monitored, which is, of course, code for “We won’t actually do anything and hopefully you'll go away”. Well, I am not going away and I intend to pursue this matter until action is taken.

I had the usual excuse about budget cuts but if Rotherham Council didn’t waste so much money they could afford to install speed bumps outside and either side of the school.

The Police Piggy bank speed camera van is still parked regularly on Fenton Road; one assumes this is a lucrative location and if safety and not revenue gathering were the only criterion for these vans then one would be parked outside Rockingham School on a regular basis.

Parking is also a problem with many women parking their cars more or less in the middle of the carriageway. For once I would welcome parking meters; we'd soon find out how many children are within walking distance of the school!

Please understand that if nothing is done to stop people driving like imbeciles past this school then it may be necessary to galvanize other parents and grandparents into blocking the road at school times.

I realise that to Rotherham Council revenue is far more important than the safety of children, but I promise you, I am not going to let this drop!

Replies offering the usual petty excuses will be instantly deleted.

Clive Phillips

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