Hundreds of “careless” drivers caught by police 'super-cab'

POLICE say hundreds of “selfish, careless drivers who pose a risk to innocent road users” have been caught using a "super-cab".

South Yorkshire officers issued more than 200 traffic offence reports to drivers for not wearing a seatbelt, driving while using their mobile phone and driving without due care by using the National Highways unmarked tractor cab.

They carried out a four-day operation on the motorway network M1, M18 and A1 as part of the national seatbelt campaign last month, using the "super-cab" to view inside the cabs of HGVs, LGVs and cars.

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Of the 212 drivers stopped, 87 were not wearing their seatbelt, 22 were using their mobile phone behind the wheel, 12 were not in proper control of their vehicle and seven were driving without due care.

Sgt Rod McEnery, who led the operation, said: "The unmarked tractor cab gives us a great vantage point to see inside vehicles of a greater height and those below us.

"The cab is also unmarked, so drivers are not aware of our presence.

"During our four-day operation, we stopped over 190 drivers of HGVs.

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"This was not us targeting drivers of HGV’s - this was us reacting to the law being broken.

"Unfortunately, as traffic officers we see the devastating consequences of collisions, and the effect they have on victims’ loved ones.

"All vehicles can have a fatal and devastating impact in a collision, but larger vehicles can cause greater significant damage due to their size and weight, and it’s important that the drivers of these vehicles do not overlook this, for their safety and that of others.

"Thankfully most people now put their seatbelt on as a force of habit and wouldn’t dream of driving without one, but a small percentage of drivers and passengers decide not to, and those driving bigger, powerful vehicles tend to think they’re less at risk and fail to wear their seatbelt.

"It’s simple - no matter what vehicle you drive, whether you’re a driver or a passenger, a seatbelt can save your life."